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Project 4K77

Welcome to project 4K77. Simply put, we are restoring the original, theatrical version of Star Wars in 4K. Using multiple 35mm prints, scanned at 4K, cleaned at 4K, and rendered at full 4k UHD 4096x1716 resolution. To be clear, this is not simply an upscale of any other source, this is all to be done natively in 4K from 35mm sources. The only exception to this rule is when we don't have a particular frame available, in that case either an upscale of the Silver Screen Edition, or the official Bluray will be used.

Completion Date is uncertain due to the amount of work involved, but we really hope it can be completed in 2017 to mark the 40th anniversary. Formats TBD, but probably an MKV initially. 2 versions will be made available. One that is just cleaned, another that is cleaned, degrained, denoised and re-grained. The reason for this is that some people prefer the look of Harmy's Despecialized Edition, and others prefer the more authentic look of The Silver Screen Edition. This way, hopefully both camps will be happy.

Each frame 16-bit color Tif or DPX weighs in at nearly 100 MB. Therefore each complete film requires 21 TB of storage. If you would like to contribute to the purchasing of additional storage space and computing power, please consider donating.

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Thank you to all who have donated so far.

Bookmark this page and check back often to keep yourself up to date with the progress. All six Reels will be processed in order.

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More updates, videos and samples coming soon!.

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